11 Easy Sims 4 Modern House Layout Ideas For 2023

Looking for some easy Sims 4 modern house layout ideas to help spruce up your game in 2023?

Look no further! I’ve gathered the top best and most creative Sims 4 modern house blueprints that are sure to give your living space a major upgrade.

sims 4 modern house layout

If you’re on a hunt for the ideal modern house for your Sims family, then I’ve got just what you need! Listed below are some of my personal favorites as well as many amazing homes from the broader Sims community.

It can be difficult to get all the details right when it comes to designing a home that is both practical and aesthetically pleasing. But these beautiful builds will surely spark up your own creative ideas.

From small houses to minimalistic family homes and luxurious mansions – these ideas will have you dreaming of owning a real-life version of your Sim’s abode. So don’t wait around, use these amazing modern house layouts and bring your dream home floor plan into reality.

Feel free to download any of the houses featured in this blog post! If you find a certain floor plan particularly eye-catching, click on the link and delve into its details.

Easy Sims 4 Modern House Blueprints

Gone are the days of spending countless hours trying to find the right design for a modern house in Sims 4. I’ve gathered some easy plans and blueprints you can try this year when designing your own dream home!

Whether you are a seasoned builder or just getting started in Sim gameplay, these free house blueprint ideas will inspire you to create amazing destinations for your Sims.

With this post, you will see how simple it can be! Read on for awesome and easy house floor plans to start putting together your vision of modern paradise one brick at a time.

And if you want to see more simple house floor plans, make sure to check out the list of the Best Sims 4 Base Houses of All Time. There are a couple of amazing modern lots there that were excluded from this list. And of course, every house in that list comes with a detailed floor plan!

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1. Artistica Sims 4 Modern House Layout by Mjjm1970

sims 4 modern house floor plans
Ground floor plan – spacious rooms and simple design
sims 4 modern house floor plans
First-floor plan – luxury bedroom and activity-based rooms
  • Lot size: 40 x 30
  • Number of bedrooms: 2
  • Number of bathrooms: 2

This modern house layout is the perfect choice for 2-3 Sims looking to get the most out of their gameplay.

It is sweet and spacious, there’s plenty of space to move around while still feeling cozy. The dining room is on its own, and the kitchen is separate from the living room. Each floor has its own bedroom.

Upstairs, there is an office and gym side by side so that you can stay productive even during lunch breaks! There’s also an extra room for whatever your Sim needs and a huge balcony for fresh air.

This blueprint is easily adjustable, making it perfect for almost any situation! Click below to see more pictures!

2. Argento Sims 4 Modern House Layout by DippyDesigns

sims 4 modern house download
  • Lot size: 30 x 20
  • Number of bedrooms: 1
  • Number of bathrooms: 1

This modern house is the perfect fit for one Sim or a couple looking for an immersive living experience!

The two-level open space provides amazing area separation without feeling cramped in. The clean floor plan allows you to create your own design blueprint and adjust this layout as you like.

On top of that, this house’s outdoor space was made for quality time spent with friends, family, or just yourself. And if you’re into fitness, then the gym included in the layout will provide all you need to stay active.

But if physical exercise isn’t your Sim’s thing, don’t worry! This space can be easily converted into an awesome garden where you can spend hours working on it and adorning it with lovely plants!

All in all, this house provides an ideal combination of functionality and comfort that’ll make any Sim feel right at home! Check out this beautiful lot by clicking the button below!

3. Sims 4 Modern Mansion Layout by Alixparsons

sims 4 modern mansion blueprint
The ground floor of this spacious modern mansion
sims 4 modern mansion floor plan - 2 story
The first-floor plan. The floor area is defined with purple
  • Lot size: 40 x 30
  • Number of bedrooms: 4
  • Number of bathrooms: 4

This spacious modern mansion with its 2-story design is a dream come true for any simmer! It has four bedrooms and four bathrooms, and each area of the house is separated into its own room.

From the huge kitchen to several living rooms, an office, a gym, a reading corner, and more – you can be sure every person in your household will have their own designated space. The double-height ceiling at the entrance and main living room make this house feel grand and luxurious.

This floor plan is ideal for those who like having separate rooms for everything but still need plenty of airy space. And customizing it further is easy – whether you want to extend a hallway or add more rooms on the second level.

This layout is great for a big family. You will easily find space for a couple of extra bedrooms to suit your needs perfectly.

If spaciousness and zoning matter to you when choosing a house layout, then this one is definitely worth considering! You can check out more details or download this lot by clicking the button below.

4. L’Urbania Sims 4 Modern House Blueprint by Fyjal

sims 4 modern house download
Ground floor plan with lovely terraces and cozy living room
sims 4 modern house download
First-floor layout with a huge bedroom and a luxurious bathroom
  • Lot size: 20 x 15
  • Number of bedrooms: 1
  • Number of bathrooms: 2

Have you been looking for a modern house layout that has two stories but is small and cozy at the same time? Here is a great example for you!

This sweet house combines a small cozy abode and a luxurious, spacious villa. How amazing is that?

And, of course, the floor plans are easy and fun. I love that there is a real entrance hall; you don’t just come in straight into the living room. The kitchen, also separated from the living room, adds a homey touch to this lot. The location of the stairs is also discrete and convenient.

If you want to live in a 2-story modern house but skip spending half of your time walking between the kitchen and the bed, this lot is just what you need!

The first floor is a real pearl of this house. Here you will find a huge bedroom with some extra space for your favorite activity or a hobble. The bathroom is also big and will easily fit a couple. The only thing I’d add here is a balcony around the bedroom.

This blueprint is a dream come true for a Sim couple with a fun group of friends. Want do you think about this lot?

5. Desert Retreat Starter Sims 4 Modern House Layout by Ruthless_kk

sims 4 modern house ideas
  • Lot size: 30 x 20
  • Number of bedrooms: 2
  • Number of bathrooms: 1

I love this modern starter blueprint! Despite an easy layout, it’s not a boring squared starter house. It does have some spice in its angles and terraces. But what I love the most – it is so spacious! That’s a luxury for a starter.

This modern home has two bedrooms, one bathroom, and a big living area, which combines the hall, the living room, and the kitchen. Room sizes are easily adjustable. You can even add an extra room if you wish – both within the house or instead of a rear terrace.

I’m not particularly fond of placing entry doors in corners (right at the end of a wall), but hey, that’s an easy thing to fix!

This modern starter house is great for artists and writers, as they spend a lot of time at home! Click below to see. more pictures or download this lot!

6. Blue Moon NoCC Sims 4 Modern House Layout by Cayrees

sims 4 modern house floor plans 2 storey
The ground floor with functional spaces
sims 4 modern house floor plans 2 storey
The first floor with a private area
  • Lot size: 30 x 20
  • Number of bedrooms: 3
  • Number of bathrooms: 2

Are you searching for a spacious and modern house that has the perfect balance between a social area and activity-based rooms? If yes, then this 2-story 3 bedroom 2 bathroom floor plan is perfect for you!

It has plenty of room to add an extra bedroom or bathroom if needed, plus there’s an ideal spot for another balcony on the first floor. This Sims 4 modern house is perfect for simmers who like having a pool, garden, backyard, and BBQ zone – all at the same time.

The layout also offers plenty of flexibility if you ever decide to make changes in the future. To see more details about this lot, or to download it, click below!

7. Modern Wood Sims 4 Modern House Layout Idea by Pablobrl

sims 4 modern house
Ground floor plan with beautiful outdoor space
sims 4 modern house 2 story
First-floor layout with an amazing balcony
  • Lot size: 20 x 20
  • Number of bedrooms: 2
  • Number of bathrooms: 2

This 2-story, effective modern house layout is perfect for simmers who enjoy spending time outside.

On the ground floor, there is an open social area and a cute terrace with a roof. You will find two bedrooms, two bathrooms, and an amazing spacious balcony upstairs. You will love this balcony if you enjoy getting some fresh air with a view.

This floor plan is perfect to keep the house space limited and focus on the area around the house instead. There are limitless opportunities if you’d like to build a pool, add a playground, or plant a garden.

Click the button below to get more information about this lot or to download it!

8. Oasis Modern House Layout for The Sims 4 by Ruthless_kk

modern house blueprint 2 story
Modern and stylish family house. 1 story
modern family house easy blueprint
Second-floor layout
  • Lot size: 30 x 20
  • Number of bedrooms: 3
  • Number of bathrooms: 3

This stylish family house is a two-story home with an open-concept main living area. 

You’ll find an open social area on the ground floor with a kitchen, dining room, living room, and exit to a terrace and backyard. Upstairs, you’ll find three cozy bedrooms and two bathrooms for plenty of privacy.

The clean design makes it easy to adjust room sizes according to your needs when you build your own custom home based on this floor plan. You can customize it however you like!

In my own build, I added walls to separate the kitchen and combined two smaller bedrooms into one to add a more luxurious feel to this blueprint.

You can add patios, porches, or balconies to make the most of the space. It’s the perfect balance between modern living and a timeless feel! And if there is no time to build and you’d love to get exactly this house for your Sim family, click below to download it!

9. Snowdrop Sims 4 Modern House Blueprint by Cevans1962

sims 4 modern house download
The ground floor with easily adjustable room sizes
sims 4 modern house download
The first floor with a cozy art studio
  • Lot size: 30 x 20
  • Number of bedrooms: 3
  • Number of bathrooms: 3

I absolutely adore this versatile, modern, and simple house layout. It’s two stories high with three bedrooms and three bathrooms, making it perfect for a bigger family.

The best thing is that it’s really easy to build and maintain this lot, requiring minimal effort from the very start. But what I find so amazing about this design is how easily you can customize it to your own needs. You can move walls around and make the bathroom larger or the office smaller – whatever you like!

And if you’re a summer fan, then you’ll love being able to replace one of the first-floor bedrooms with a lovely balcony so you can enjoy the sun at any time of day.

All in all, this layout offers so many possibilities for personalization to make your dream home from it. Click below if you’d like to explore this lot or download it instead.

10. Snowvale Sims 4 Modern House Layout by Arin_Kaylin

sims 4 modern house floor plans 2 storey
The ground floor of a spacious family house
sims 4 modern house floor plans
First floor with bedrooms and two huge balconies
  • Lot size: 30 x 20
  • Number of bedrooms: 3
  • Number of bathrooms: 2

This contemporary family home is ideal for Simmers, who want a simple yet efficient blueprint. You get the basic rooms in this layout and no weird stuff.

With this intuitive design, you can rearrange and resize the rooms to your liking and create whatever kind of space you desire. It’s effortless!

For instance, I didn’t need such a huge common space on the first floor. However, I love a big terrace (who doesn’t?!). So I moved the bathroom and joined two balconies into one amazing terrace.

This house has essential rooms only, but still, it was designed to be spacious and full of light. Its simple design makes it very easy to rearrange the blueprint without much effort. This gives you maximum freedom when it comes to designing your dream home.

Click below to see more photos or to download it!

11. Majestic Breeze Sims 4 Modern House Layout by Tashifae

sims 4 modern house blueprint
Ground floor with a social area
sims 4 modern house blueprint
First-floor plan – look at this pool with a view!
  • Lot size: 20 x 15
  • Number of bedrooms: 1
  • Number of bathrooms: 1

This modern house is the perfect choice for one Sim or a couple who are looking to live in complete luxury.

It features an amazing second-story pool with the main floor viewing! Plus, you can enjoy your own private terrace after a swim right next to the bedroom – talk about ultimate relaxation.

The ground floor layout is also very simple. You will find here only an open space and a bathroom. The entry door is at the back of the house, which is the only thing I’d actually change in this layout. It is just too tiresome when it takes too long to walk into the house.

Anyhow, with such a modern design and layout, this home surely stands out from the rest! Whether you’re looking for a spot to enjoy some poolside lounging or just want to take in those incredible views, this house has it all.

And if you love this modern house idea with a pool on the top floor but are looking for a family house instead – check out Majestic Breeze Family by the same creator.

So make sure you don’t miss out on this opportunity – come experience true lux living today! Click below if you want to download this lot.

Whether you’re looking to start from scratch or find your perfect home, these awesome Sims 4 modern house floor plans are full of inspiration. They can help you reach the vision you have in mind.

So, don’t hesitate any longer and watch your colorful and creative world come to life. Let your own imagination run wild and make adjustments where needed to create a modern, unique home that totally reflects who you are.

And if you need help along the way, drop me a question or a comment below! Building a house strengthens creative skills and helps gain knowledge on a particular topic.

So go plug those ideas in and have some fun while doing it. After all, this is what video games were invented for – having fun and getting creative. I mean, you will be impressed by how neat these Sims house layouts may turn out.

Who knew creating a dream modern house could be so incredibly rewarding?

This post was all about easy Sims 4 modern house layout ideas.

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