The Ultimate Guide To Sims 4 MC Command Center (Explained)

Are you craving to make your Sims 4 experience better than ever before? Have you been searching high and low in forums, tutorials, and guides to find out how exactly the mysterious Sims 4 MC Command Center works?

Look no further – I have created the ultimate guide just for you! We’ll cover everything you have to know about MC Command Center, including what it is, how it works, why it’s important, and its must-known features.

Whether you are a beginner or an aspiring professional at mastering The Sims 4 – this MC Command Center tutorial will help take your game up a notch!

sims 4 mc command center

What Is Sims 4 MC Command Center?

If you’re a Sims 4 fan, you’ve probably heard of the MC Command Center (or MCCC, for short). But what exactly is it, what does it do, and why is it so amazing?

MC Command Center was created to add story progression to Sims 4 and give players more control over their gameplay experience.

The MC Command Center is one of the best mods for the Sims 4 that has ever been created. It is quite old (the first version of it was released in March 2015), but the amount of features it has accumulated is MASSIVE. There are so many functionalities it is even hard to try them all!

MCCC is powerful, simple to use, detailed, and highly customizable. If you are not a mod user but you would still like to spice up your game – this is the only mod you need! Anyone will find there something to their taste!

With this mod installed, you can customize the entire gaming experience – from tuning your Sims’ appearance to managing relationships between characters. You can adjust city populations, event success rates, and enable story progression to influence how non-playable characters interact with each other.

Also, there are many helpful features like automating cheats and customizing game settings. Only these few will save you a ton of time!

This versatility makes MCCC an essential mod for any die-hard Simmer looking to get the most out of their game.

Not even to mention that MCCC has an intuitive user interface, meaning even beginner players can learn how to use it quickly and easily.

Bottom line: if you play Sims 4, you must check out MCCC!

How to Download and Install the Sims 4 MC Command Center

Are you ready to add this amazing addition to your game? Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to download and install MCCC:

1. Download the latest version of MCCC

Click the link below to get to the creator’s website and download the latest version of the Sims 4 MC Command Center. The version you need will be the first option listed in the table of the latest releases.
The downloaded file usually ends up in your Downloads folder

sims 4 mccc download

Make sure your own game is updated to the latest version as well! If not, head over to Origin and update it before you continue to the next steps.

If, for some reason, you cannot download the file through the main link, you can download the file from Deaderpool’s Patreon here. You can also support the amazing work of this creator for as little as $3 a month and get access to extra perks!

2. Unzip the downloaded file

Next, unzip the downloaded file into its own folder on your computer using an archiving tool like 7-Zip, WinRAR, or any other program.

sims 4 mccc unzip

3. Create a separate folder for MCCC in the Mods folder

After you’ve extracted the files, open the Sims 4 Mods directory on your computer

Documents -> Electronic Arts -> The Sims 4 -> Mods -> _ add a new folder specifically for MCCC here _ (name it, for example, “MC Command Center”)

This step is very important! Do not mix MCCC’s files with other mods, don’t keep the MCCC files in the overall Mods folder, and do not nest them in a complex subfolder structure.

4. Move the MCCC files from the downloaded folder

Now, move all of the files from the downloaded and unarchived folder into your newly created folder in the previous step.

Sims 4 mc command center update

Once you’ve moved all of the files, close the folders and launch your game!

5. Add the WooHoo module files (Optional)

The WooHoo module comes in a separate file and is not included in the MCCC mod by default.

If you’d like customization for this part of the game as well, then download, unzip, and move the WooHoo files to the same MCCC subfolder in the Mods folder of your game. Every step is done in exactly the same manner as with the main MCCC file.

6. Launch the game and check the settings

Once you’ve launched the game, you will receive a notification in your notification wall stating that MCCC is working along with its version. Double-check that you have activated the script mods and custom content in the “game options” settings.

How to Update MC Command Center

Once in a while, you need to update your MCCC mod for The Sims 4. It’s important to keep the mod up-to-date since it evolves along with the game itself.

Here’s how you can quickly and easily update MCCC:

  1. Head over to Deaderpool’s website and download the latest MCCC release. If you use the WooHoo module, download it as well and use it in the same way as the main MCCC files.
  2. Unzip the downloaded file into its own folder using an archiving tool such as WinRAR or 7-Zip (usually, it is located in your Downloads folder).
  3. Open up the unzipped folder, select all the files, and copy them (Ctrl + C).
  4. Open the MCCC folder of your own game, it is located under Documents -> Electronic Arts -> The Sims 4 -> Mods -> (the folder for MCCC you created during the initial installation of the mod).
  5. Important! Do NOT delete any files in your game’s folder! Paste the newly downloaded files from the latest release (Ctrl + V) and choose “Replace.” This way, all files that have been updated will be replaced. The rest of the files you’ve had in your game will stay intact.
sims 4 mccc install

Congratulations! You’ve just updated MC Command Center and can launch your game now!

As you can see, this is a simple and straightforward process that will take you a couple of minutes max.

How to Use MC Command Center

You know that MCCC is working when it’s listed among the Sims 4 Mod’s CC and Script Mods content. Also, you will see a notification on your notification wall with the list of modules included in the MCCC mod.

sims 4 mccc how to use
MCCC is listed among the mods and custom content
sims 4 mccc notification wall
You will get a notification about the MCCC mod

Now, there are three ways you can use the Sims 4 MC Command Center mod:

  1. By using the “MC Command Center” option on a computer
  2. By using the “MC Cheats” option on a mailbox
  3. By using the “MC Command Center” option on a Sim

These options let you do different things, so make sure you play around and check them all!

Here is a rule of thumb: if you want to affect a specific Sim, use the MCCC option specifically on that character. If you want to affect the lot or the whole household – turn to the mailbox’s MCCC option. And finally, to change some general game settings and customize your gaming experience – use the MCCC option on a computer.

sims 4 mccc how to use Sim
Click on a Sim to access MCCC
sims 4 mccc how to use mailbox
Click on a mailbox to access MCCC
sims 4 mccc how to use computer
Click on a computer to access the MCCC

17 MC Command Center’s Features You Have to Know About

This mod has SO MANY features that it’s almost impossible to list them all! I’ve been playing this mod for years and I still discover something new there once in a while.

If you are curious to get an overview of the main MCCC’s modules, check out Deaderpool’s documentation.

Here I will save you from all these technicalities. Instead, I will give you a list of the very best MCCC features very few people actually know about and use (even though every one of them is a real must-have!).

1. Define Sim’s default appearance (MC Dresser)

Did you know you could literally copy your Sim’s favorite makeup, hair, or accessories and paste it into every single outfit they will ever use? This amazing feature will release so much frustration and save a ton of your time! That’s why this feature has got the honorary first place in this list.

Use it here: Sim -> MC Command Center -> MC Dresser -> Copy / Paste

2. Make NPCs do what you need them to (MC Control and Self Command)

MCCC can affect not only your own Sims but even NPCs. By using MC Control, you can actually tell anyone what they should do. This is so smooth and convenient! This feature is great for storytelling and orchestrating rare events.

By the way, since many people use this feature for proposals to their significant others, make sure to open MCCC menu on your NPC when he or she does not talk to anyone. Being in the middle of a conversation blocks the “Romance” block in the MCCC menu.

Use it here: Sim -> MC Command Center -> MC Control or Self Command (depending on an action)

3. Game Time Speed (Gameplay Settings)

I bet you wish some days would just last forever for your Sims!

Well, with this feature, you can actually make it happen! You can adjust your days to run faster or slower, which gives you total control over your gaming experience. I wish there were an MCCC for my own life just for this very feature 😉

Use it here: Computer -> MC Command Center -> MCCC Settings -> Gameplay Settings -> Game Time Speed

4. Motive Decay (Gameplay Settings)

This option goes well with the adjustment of the game speed. By decreasing or increasing your Sims’ motive decay, you will adjust their time to eat, sleep, or fulfill their other needs.

Use it here: Computer -> MC Command Center -> MCCC Settings -> Gameplay Settings -> Motive Decay

5. Inheritance Sim Type (Money Settings)

With this feature enabled, your Sims are eligible to get their inheritance even when they have moved out of the household. This feature adds a great touch of realism to the game. It even allows you to decide whether the spouse will get the inheritance first.

Use it here: Computer -> MC Command Center -> MCCC Settings -> Money Settings -> Inheritance Sim Type

6. Adopt Neglected Child (Gameplay Settings)

If you neglect your kids, social workers may take them away from you. At that point, you will not be able to get your kids back, they will be literally removed from the game forever.

However, if you enable neglected kid adoption in MCCC, the kids will stay in the game and will get adopted by NPCs. This feature is a real savior!

Use it here: Computer -> MC Command Center -> MCCC Settings -> Gameplay Settings -> Adopt Neglected Child

7. Set Age Span Duration (MCCC Settings)

This one is another great feature to adjust the game speed to your liking. This feature will let you maximize the joy of your favorite age. Or the other way around: if you don’t like a specific age span, make sure to make it super short!

You can adjust age spans even for pets!

Use it here: Computer -> MC Command Center -> MCCC Settings -> Set Age Span Duration

8. Pause on zone (Gameplay Settings)

This one is my personal favorite! I keep it enabled to automatically pause the game every time my Sims change a location.

Use it here: Computer -> MC Command Center -> MCCC Settings -> Gameplay Settings -> Pause on zone

9. Import Tray Sim Percent (Population Settings)

Use this feature if you’d like the game to use your library for the generation of new Sims. This is a great way to create a town full of your favorite characters while keeping some chance and randomness.

Use it here: Computer -> MC Command Center -> MC Population -> Populating Settings -> Import Tray Settings -> Import Tray Sim Percent

10. Autosave function (MCCC Settings)

This feature is a life-saver for so many Simmers!

You can specify almost everything here: how often you’d like to autosave, which name you’d like to use, would you like to confirm the auto-save, etc. There will be no more lost progress for your game!

Use it here: Computer -> MC Command Center -> MCCC Settings -> Auto-Save

11. Increase household size (Gameplay Settings)

If you would like to have a really big family, then this feature is for you. You can increase the size of your household for up to 104 (!!!) family members. Isn’t this crazy?! 🤯

Use it here: Computer -> MC Command Center -> MCCC Settings -> Gameplay Settings -> Maximum Household Size

12. Auto-pay bills and other cheats (Money Settings)

Even though this feature is not something unique (probably you’ve already used the cheat for auto-paying bills, for example), the MCCC’s interface is just so convenient and easy to use. There is no need to remember cryptic cheat codes anymore, you can fix all that in the MCCC mod.

Use it here: Computer -> MC Command Center -> MCCC Settings -> Money Settings -> Auto-pay Bills

13. Notification Settings (MCCC Settings)

With this sweet feature, you can decide on what exactly you’d like to know about the Sims around you.

Who has passed away? Has anyone got married? When did your neighbor get pregnant? The notifications are so incredibly detailed, you will find there every option you can only think of. Let the MCCC mod become your personal gossip girl 😍

Use it here: Computer -> MC Command Center -> MCCC Settings -> Notifications / Console / Menu Settings -> Notification Settings

14. Inherit Trait Type (MC Pregnancy)

You can customize how many traits (if any) will be inherited by your Sims’ offsprings. This feature allows me to create a true family feeling 💜

Use it here: Computer -> MC Command Center -> MC Pregnancy -> Offspring -> Inherit Trait Type and Maximum Inherit Traits

15. Summon a Sim (NPC Households Cheats)

With this feature, you don’t even need to invite anyone over. Just summon the Sim you’d like to see and enjoy the game!

Use it here: Mailbox -> MC Cheats -> Sims / NPC Households Cheats -> Summon Sim

16. Change the weather

The options for this feature are SO DETAILED you will get tired of scrolling through them all! Anyhow, this feature is perfect for the creation of just the perfect atmosphere for every holiday or special occasion.

Use it here: Mailbox -> MC Cheats -> Seasons Cheats -> Change Weather

17. Fill needs of the whole household (Active Household Cheats)

This feature is extremely handy in case of an unexpected party. I use this as a last resort when I want my Sims to have some fun and forget about everything for an evening.

Use it here: Mailbox -> MC Cheats -> Active Household Cheats -> Fill Needs (Household)

What to Do When MC Command Center Is Not Showing Up

So, you’ve installed the MCCC mod and relaunched the game, but it is still not showing up and not working?

There may be several reasons for that. Let’s go through them one by one.

  • You have not enabled the mods in the game.
    This reason is by far the most common one. Luckily, it’s super easy to fix.
    Head over to the Game’s options -> Other and enable two check boxes: “Enable Custom Content and Mods” and “Script Mods Allowed.” You can also click on the “View Custom Content” button to make sure that the MC files are listed there.
    After that, save your game, exit, and reload it.
sims 4 mccc is not working
  • You have not unzipped the mod’s folder.
    It is not enough to move the downloaded MCCC file to your Sims 4 Mods folder. The MC Command Center file has to be unzipped first, and all its files have to be moved to a specially dedicated folder.
    If you are unsure how to do that, follow the step-by-step guide above.
  • You have placed the mod into the wrong folder.
    It is extremely important that all mods are located in the folder that the game reads to get information about the mods.
    The path to this folder is Users -> _your username_ -> Documents -> Electronic Arts -> The Sims 4 -> Mods.
    Make sure that all MCCC’s files are located in that folder, preferably in a subfolder created specifically for MCCC (this subfolder has to be located in the Mods folder).
  • You have several versions of MCCC in your mods.
    It is important that you do not have several sets of MCCC files that conflict with each other.
  • When nothing works…
    As a last resort, delete all the files related to MCCC, update the game, download the latest MCCC release, and reinstall it, according to the step-by-step guide above.

Common Problems You May Run Into While Using the MCCC

When it comes to using the Sims 4 MC Command Center mod, there are a few common problems that may arise.

One of the most common issues is conflicting mods. Since MCCC contains a wide range of features and options, it can sometimes clash with other mods that players have installed.

This can cause the game to crash or certain features to malfunction. One way to avoid this is to keep track of the features you use in the MC Command Center. Activating features one at a time (or returning them to the default settings one at a time) will let you know the moment the game starts to glitch.

Another potential issue is with the Create-A-Sim (CAS) mode. The MCCC mod has its own CAS feature, where you can modify one character at a time.

Using the regular CAS mode for the whole household along with some MC Command Center settings, may lead to serious bugs. For example, you are risking losing some Sims from your game by entering the default CAS mode when you have a household with more than 8 Sims.

Furthermore, there have been reports of glitches with the calendar in the MC Command Center. This can be caused by adjusting the speed of the game, so be careful with this setting, and don’t forget to save your game every now and then!

How to Get MC Command Center on Xbox or PlayStation

Unfortunately, you cannot use mods on a console. You have to play on a computer in order to use the Sims 4 MC Command Center mod.

This post was all about the Sims 4 MC Command Center.

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