53+ Coolest Sims 4 Male Clothes CC To Upgrade Your CC Folder

Are you ready to upgrade your CC folder with the coolest Sims 4 male clothes CC available? Let us take all the work out of it and introduce you to some must-have items that will keep your Sim looking their best.

sims 4 male clothes cc

Do you love playing The Sims 4? If so, you’ve likely already customized your Sims with all sorts of different outfits and hairstyles. But if you want to take your Sim wardrobe game up a notch, it’s time to start looking at custom content (CC).

Sure, plenty of amazing female CC clothing items are out there, but what about the boys? Luckily, we’ve rounded up some of the coolest Sims 4 male clothes CC packs and pieces that will give Sims an edgy new style and help upgrade their look instantly!

With pieces including hoodies, coats, underwear, tops, and bottoms – these must-have custom content items cover every occasion. So keep scrolling to discover some truly stylish options for dressing up your male Sims in The Sims 4.

This post is all about the best Sims 4 male CC clothes items.

Best Sims 4 Male Clothes CC You Have To Add To Your CC Folder

If you’re a fan of Sims 4, you’ve come to the right place!

I’ve collected over 50+ of the best Sims 4 male clothes CC packs and pieces. No matter which one you choose from this fabulous list, you can be sure that it’s an amazing, high-quality Maxis Match piece!

Some may be more known than others, but they all deserve their place here – each piece on this list will surely become a true find in your male Sims’ wardrobe!

1. Three-Piece Suits and Men’s Dress Pants Sims 4 Male Clothes CC Pack by Marvinsims

simplicity sims 4 cc

Create a posh look for your male Sims with these sleek and chic dress pants. It’ll provide ultimate comfort for your Sims throughout the day.

For a dapper outing, pair the pants with a sharply tailored shirt. Or, to get that smart casual style, go for a sweater or a cute turtleneck, just like in the picture above (it’s the Derek turtleneck by Clumsyalienn & Amelylina – you will find the link to this gorgeous male cc further down)!

No matter how you dress your Sims up, you will get complete satisfaction with these items! There are 16 swatches on offer for both the dress pants and three-piece suits. Also, all the items are base game compatible!

2. April Collection Sims 4 Clothes CC Pack by Quirky Introvert CC

sims 4 male download

Get ready to rock the neighborhood with this amazing selection of 15 clothes cc items for guys in Sims 4! These pieces are all base game compatible and will have your dude looking sharp. It is a perfect set to add to your Sims 4 male cc folder!

There’s everything you need for an easygoing and stylish everyday look: versatile tops, bottoms, two pairs of sneakers, a choker, and even socks!

3. KK Basic Set 06 Sims 4 Male Clothes CC Pack by KK’s creations

sims 4 male cc

I’m absolutely in love with this Basic Set pack! The cargo pants and timeless t-shirts make my Sims look seriously handsome. I really think it’s a must-have for every Simmer looking for some male clothes cc – which is why it’s called basic, after all.

An alluring combo indeed – this delectable set comes in a range of neutral and bright colors! Pick them up today and level up your Sim’s fashion game!

4. The Pop Punk Project Sims 4 Male Clothes CC Pack by Marsmerizingsims

sims 4 feminine male

Are you looking to take on a bold and daring style? Then this pack is for you! Check out the fantastic pictures of this male clothes and accessories set – it’s sure to satisfy!

Featuring sleeveless t-shirts, sweatshirts, a beanie, socks, wristbands, and jackets, there’s something for everyone here. Whether you’re feeling rebellious or just want to spice up your look, you’re covered!

5. Replay Suit Sims 4 Male Clothes CC Pack by AdrienPastel

sims 4 eboy cc

Help yourself to some top-notch styling wherever you happen to wear the Replay Suit Set! This fabulous collection includes two takes on a classic blazer and trousers.

Maximize your wardrobe versatility with a dark, traditional version and a light beige tartan option. Practical and stylish, this suit set is also base game compatible for even more convenience. It has many wonderful uses – just let your imagination run wild!

6. Suspended Pants Sims 4 Male CC by Christopher067

black sims 4 cc

If you’re looking for an amazing statement piece, you won’t want to miss out on these cropped cargos. They have a slimmer fit and an elastic hem, making them so comfortable.

They come in 25 colors, five patterns, and seven patchwork combinations – so many options for the perfect look! These are truly a must-have with this many possibilities and eye-catching design choices.

7. The Kressley Collection Sims 4 Male Clothes CC Pack by Kiwisim4

the sims 4 black sims cc

At the Kressley collection, you’ll find jackets that grab attention with bright, vibrant colors! Slip one on, and you’ll never want to take it off.

With their fun daring designs and lively colors, the Kressley collection is sure to turn heads wherever you go.

8. Rustique Sims 4 Male Clothes CC pack by Cowconuts and Cowplant-pizza

sims 4 suit cc

Rustuque Pack is here to offer you a wonderful selection of 15 CAS and clothing items, as well as one lovely male lookbook pose pack. With hoodies, tops, an overall, and even a jumpsuit included, this package is sure to fit an array of styles perfectly.

And bonus! There’s also a shawl with an artful design for something extra special! Also, there are several hair options and a tattoo for that ideal overall look.

9. First Fits Kit Sims 4 Male Clothes CC Pack by AdrienPastel

sims 4 male

Ready for the perfect sporty look? Then take a peek at the First Fits Sims 4 CC pack! It contains 14 fabulously flattering items that are all base game compatible.

You’ll get one hat, seven tops, three bottoms, and two pairs of shoes (sneakers and boots) in neutral and muted colors. So, step out into the streets this sims season with a seamless style fit for any occasion!

10. Spring Soon Strap Long Coat Sims 4 Male CC by BED & MUSAE

sims 4 mens clothes

Ah, this specular strap long coat! It’s the perfect wardrobe addition that’ll upgrade your sim’s style.

But what sets it apart is the variety of colors to choose from — 15 swatches, ranging from moody dark hues to soft pastels and light shades. And if that wasn’t enough, it also comes in 6 check pattern coats!

You will find the unique look you’ve been looking for with this classy garment.

11. Business Suit_m4 Sims 4 Male Clothes CC by Helgatisha

sims 4 black male cc

This business suit for your Sims is a refreshing change from the usual boring and formal wear! Its classic cut is seamlessly combined with modern design and bold pops of color.

You’ll totally love the amazing colors (20 swatches!) they come in, ranging from classic shades of black and white to eye-popping oranges and pastel pink. Furthermore, they have stunning patterns that will wow any audience!

All in all, it’s just so cool… you have to try it out!

12. Taemin Pants Sims 4 Male Clothing CC by Solistair

sims 4 male crop top

Are you looking for the perfect pants for the bad boy in your Sims life? These fabulous pants are super simple but have an elegant touch and several variations.

They come in two different waist heights — high and regular — meaning every Sim gets the perfect fit. Plus, they offer 13 earthy neutral colors that work with any style! To set them off, they feature a stylish ankle cut that will stand out!

And the even better news? These incredible pants are free and base game compatible!

13. Ethereal Cardigan Set Sims 4 Male CC by Nucrests

sims 4 men cc

Get cozy and tucked in with this oversized cardigan for your homey Sims!

The cardigan comes in three versions and ten swatches, ensuring everyone can find the perfect look their Sims will love. Plus, it’s base-game compatible. It’s the ideal way to provide coziness and comfort to your lovable Sims.

14. Casey Cargo Pants Sims 4 Male Clothing CC by Solistair

sims 4 black male clothes cc

Casey Cargo Pants offer your male Sims a beloved everyday look! Crafted for comfort and style, they come in 13 shades, from solid colors to military camo and fire prints.

Not only do these provide extraordinary comfort, but also detailed elements such as stitches, labels, zippers, and traditional metal buttons.

15. Suit Jacket Set Sims 4 Male CC Pack by MadameRia

male custom content sims 4

This practical suit jacket set is perfect for any occasion with its minimal details and relaxed fit. It comes in a selection of 30 swatches and an additional button-up shirt with 40 standalone swatches (however, the shirt is an accessory item and can be used only with the jacket).

You can switch it up and wear the jacket open or closed and sleeves rolled up or not for distinct looks! Plus, everything within this set is base game compatible, so it couldn’t be easier to pair with your existing wardrobe.

I think it’s the ideal clothing item for easily dressing down or sprucing up your look all at once.

16. Ewen Clothes Set Sims 4 Male Clothing CC Pack by Liliili

sims 4 male clothing mods

Ewen Clothes Set is a great clothing option wherever your male Sims want to go. This easy and comfortable look will have them looking dapper in no time! From classic skinny jeans with muted colors to staple simple t-shirts, they can easily achieve a put-together look with minimal effort.

Throw in an accessory book in the back pocket, and they’ll be turning heads everywhere with their elegant, intelligent vibe. With Ewen Clothes Set, your Sims will make a poetic and sweet statement that won’t soon be forgotten.

17. Bert Clothes Set Sims 4 Male Clothes CC Pack by Liliili

sims 4 shirt cc

Are the cold, rainy days getting to you? The Bert Clothing Set has your back with options that are cozy, warm, fun, and colorful! Not only will you look good, but you will feel warm too.

This amazing set includes a classy long coat – with 34 swatches so everyone can find their favorite shade! The torn detail on the jeans gives them an edge in class and comfort while wearing them.

As if that wasn’t enough to make a perfect wardrobe staple for cooler temperatures, try on the knit sweater – complete with 20 varied cool pattern choices as well as 40 solid colors. Turn this rainy day into something special with true fashion flair.

18. Stay Gold High-Waisted Suit Set Sims 4 Male CC Pack by Nucrests

sims 4 male clothes mods

Your male sims need to look their best every day and the Stay Gold suit set is just the thing for them! This versatile outfit comes in 3 totally swoon-worthy styles with two versions of each.

You can choose from both slim and wide fit trousers (and shorts!), and regularly, shortened or long cut tops. Each piece is base game compatible and they all mix and match effortlessly, offering a smartly tailored yet cute high waisted option!

19. Gath & Chaves Sims 4 CC Pack by Moon Simmers

sims 4 male underwear

Bring a piece of Buenos Aires from the last century into your modern-day living! The Gath & Chaves Collection represents the exquisite taste of the high class during the era.

Short and shirt combinations, comfy knit vests, sophisticated dress suits, and classic sweaters abound here – everything you need to make your Sim feel luxuriously prosperous!

20. Belaloallure_Men Sims 4 Male Clothes CC Pack by Belaoallure

sims 4 bulge slider

This lovely Sims 4 male clothing cc pack contains three quality pieces that will become wardrobe staples.

A slim waistcoat with rolled sleeves will easily be dressed up or down. The sleek pants come with a leather belt, so you’ll always look sharp. And then there’s the fur coat jacket – it adds the finishing touch to any outfit for an effortless but put-together style.

I’m totally in love with this CC pack!

21. Lucas Top Sims 4 Male Clothing CC by Black Lily

sims 4 cc shirt

Are you searching for a sophisticated layered top that will refresh your outfit? Look no further than Lucas Top! This stylish piece is perfect for freshening up even the simplest Sims ensemble.

With so much great detailing and flair, Lucas Top will make your Sims look interesting and eye-catching. Don’t miss out on this gorgeous layering piece – it’s sure to add a chic touch to any outfit. Available in 20 swatches and base-game compatible (and, of course, free)!

22. Blood Moon Hanbok Set Sims 4 Male CC Pack by RONA_SIMS

sims 4 jacket around waist

Speaking of looking good… WOW! Have you seen the amazing Blood Moon set for the Sims 4? It’s like nothing else I’ve ever seen before.

The set comes with a vast range of 15 swatches, giving you many options with bright and dark colors. These captivating male clothing items will make your sim look outstanding!

23. Pianist Cardigan Sims 4 Male Clothes CC by Joliebean

sims 4 male sims

Introducing Pianist Cardigan! This style is a take on a classic children’s look, and it’s gained the hearts of Simmers everywhere.

The versatile, timeless design comes in 24 swatches. With this classic ensemble, your Sim can creatively rock nerdy fashion like nobody else can 🤓

24. KK Basic Set 15 Sims 4 CC Male Pack by KK’s creations

sims 4 cc tops

KK’s creations are back with another amazing basic set for your Sims! This time, you’ll get to explore the wonderful world of interesting sweater wests combined with plain white long-sleeve shirts.

Complete the look with classic straight jeans in indescribably beautiful shades – have you seen the purple ones?! Best of all, there’s a bonus selection of a slim hand shape to customize your look even more.

25. Blue Moon Puffer Vest Set Sims 4 CC Male Pack by Nucrests

the sims 4 male cc

Get layered up in style this spring with the Blue Moon Puffer Vest! This versatile vest has three versions: a t-shirt, turtleneck, or hoodie. And that’s not all – you can choose from 12 solids and 12 North Face Simlish designs.

So, whether you’re into traditional or trendy looks, you’re sure to find something to love. What’s more – it’s 100% compatible with The Sims Base Game too! Don’t let another day go by without trying out the Blue Moon Puffer Vest – enjoy!

26. Collection U Sims 4 CC Male Pack by Sevensims

male cc

U Collection offers a fantastic selection of Sims 4 male clothing. The tops come in many colors with a range of eye-catching stripes.

If you’re looking for something even more cool and stylish, the More Noise jacket is an excellent choice, especially in black color. On the bottom half, boys can choose from either loose jeans with knee stripes or tracksuit bottoms adorned with text stripes down each side.

Finally, finish off your look with awesome DOC Martens boots — every wardrobe needs a standout piece to give it impact, and these will take any outfit up a gear!

27. Edgard Punk Pants Sims 4 Male CC Clothes by Kleos Sims

sims 4 male tuxedo

Edgar Punk Pants are clearly in a league of their own! With nine swatches and crazy colors available, these pants stand apart from the competition.

Featuring unique, edgy prints and leg details, Sims everywhere can take their look to the next level! And for male Sims in particular, this style cannot be beaten. Your male character has never been so cool!

28. Mix Match Suit Set Sims 4 Mens Clothing CC Pack by SimmingSorah

male clothing sims 4 cc

Mix and Match Suit Set is the perfect addition to your Sims stylish wardrobe. Combining classic, muted colours with stunning versatility, this beautiful suit comes in three versions sure to satisfy any fashionista: a long coat edition, a fitted coat option, or a coat + sweater package.

Whether you opt for an elegant look or would prefer something more simple and luxurious – whatever the occasion, this suit set will have your sim looking his best!

29. Greased Lightnin’ Sims 4 Mens Clothes CC Pack by Marsmerizingsims

sims 4 male shorts

This is a set of classic apparel that male Sims 4 players won’t want to miss! Get the retro Grease feel with these seven stylish items: a leather jacket, an Elvis blouse, a tank top, a polo shirt, a blazer, a jagger scarf, and a pair of boot-cut pants.

The colors are fun, and the design is truly unique – great for those looking for something modernized but with an old-school style. Ideal for obtaining a cool and relaxed look without giving it too much thought – perfect for adding to your favorite virtual closet!

30. Paradise Top Sims 4 Male Clothes CC Pack by Dyoreos

sims 4 cc men

Introducing an essential clothing pack for masculine-framed Sims who are brave enough to rock some fabulous crop tops! This custom content package comes with a collared-style crop top paired together with an undershirt.

With 25 swatches to choose from, starting at the more softly muted tones and then progressing across the board to take on some crazy prints, it’s just waiting for you to find your favorite combination.

Make sure to try them all; feel free to go stubbornly unique in your design and show that belly while looking oh-so charming at the same time!

31. Suits You Sir! Sims 4 Male CC Pack by Quiddity Jones

sims 4 guy cc

If your Sims can’t decide if they want to keep their styling casual or dressed up, then this Sims 4 male clothes CC set’s got just what you need. No matter how picky your Sim might be, there’s sure to be something within the collection that’ll suit them down to a tee!

This part of the collection is called ‘Ice Cream For Breakfast,’ featuring a three-piece suit top teamed with smart trousers to match, a pair of shiny dress shoes, casual cuffed twill trousers, a lovely cardigan with a button-up shirt underneath, and dress socks ideal for more formal get-togethers.

Go ahead and prep your simulation’s wardrobe today!

32. Rope’s Escale Shirt Sims 4 Male CC by Gvbe

men cc sims 4

The Rope’s Excaliber Shirt is a great choice for anyone who adores tucked tee and shirt styles.

Featuring an impressive array of color schemes, this essential fitting shirt offers something to suit every Sims’ wardrobe. Choose from 21 solid swatches and 15 patterned swatches to become the style icon of your Sims neighborhood.

Perfect for any casual or smart-casual outfit, be sure to try this fashionable key piece!

33. Randal Shorts Sims 4 Male CC Clothes by Ivy

sims 4 male cc folder

Randal Shorts are exactly what you need to update your Sim’s wardrobe! These shorts come in 9 stunningly designed swatches, giving you lots of variety with a classic design.

And because they work well with everything in your Sim’s wardrobe, adding these shorts is sure to make everything look chic. Also, they’re base game compatible too!

34. Questionable Tees Sims 4 Male CC Clothing by Okruee

male sims 4 cc

Add some quirkiness to your wardrobe with these Questionable Tees! Designed for both male and female Sims, these t-shirts come in 12 unique swatches that are sure to stand out.

Pair them with nearly anything and instantly dress with comfort and style. Plus, they’re base game compatible, so you won’t even need any expansion packs to bring your vision come to life. Don’t miss out on having cozy fun!

35. V-neck Knit Set Sims 4 CC Male Clothing Pack by Sudal – Sims

sims 4 male shoes

If you’re looking to add some elegant clothing to your Sims wardrobe, then this V-net knitted set is the perfect choice! Featuring 25 swatches and available with or without a shirt too, this sims 4 designer cc item provides plenty of outfit ideas.

36. Men’s Collection Sims 4 Male СС Pack by Plazasims

sims 4 cc male

This Sims 4 Male cc pack set instantly makes a statement! These pieces are all designed to be stylish and chic with a bit of an edge.

Whether it’s leather pants or a collared shirt with a unique print, each item features its own bold twist. You’ll always have an on-trend look that stands out from the crowd with this phenomenal collection!

37. Bed_TS4 M Winter Knit Set Sims 4 Male CC Pack by Iridescent

sims 4 male clothes cc

Keep your Sims cozy all season long with this Sims 4 Male CC winter knit set! It is an essential piece to keep them feeling warm and looking fashionable. From classic patterns to sporty options, you’ll find something suitable for whatever the winter brings.

38. Dynamite Leather Jacket Sims 4 Male CC Pack by Nucrests

sims 4 cc male clothing

Here comes another essential for masculine sims – a set of leather jackets! With two options – one with a turtleneck and the other with a button-up – these jackets are bound to give your Sims’ outfits a lasting impression.

There are 11 leather swatches, making them suitable for all tastes, and they are base game compatible.

39. V Neck Knit & Short Pant Sims 4 Male CC Clothes by Sudal – Sims

sism 4 cc male clothes

Unlock the fashionable chic style in your male Sims with our eye-catching V-neck knit and short pant set! These comfy shorts are crafted to seem simultaneously classy and casual. They come in basic neutral colors (both light and dark).

Plus, the signature V-neck creates pleasantly varied possibilities. Choose one of the options – everything from solid classic colors to bright options, striped patterns, and even a classic houndstooth (or Checken’s foot) print for an extra touch of flair.

Perfect for those mildly chilly summer evenings when you just want something effortless yet still simultaneously truly fashionable.

40. Summer Activewear For Men Sims 4 Male CC Pack by Rona_Sims

sims 4 mens clothing

Be a sunny season-style star with the classic summer activewear set for your male Sims. Perfect for any warm weather activity, these sets come in an array of timeless hues like black, white, greys, blue, and red.

Give off that air of cool comfort with a t-shirt and shorts (with or without black leggings!) collection perfect for a casual day out. Achieve the athletic glamour you want with this great classic summer set!

41. School Uniform Set Sims 4 CC PAck by X I O N

sims 4 men clothes

Your Sims can easily take on any task with this lovely school uniform set! It comes in light neutral colors, with some pink and blues.

These stylish short-sleeved shirts provide both comfort and professionalism as your Sim performs their duties. Now they can look put together but still feel relaxed as they take care of their day’s tasks.

42. Starry Night Set Sims 4 Male CC Clothes Pack by Barbieaiden

male clothes sims 4 cc

Add a classic touch to your everyday wardrobe with this Starry Night set! It features comfortable and straight-leg pants, plus a standout layered t-shirt with a classic artwork print.

The set is perfectly compatible with The Sims 4 base game, so you can instantly update your look without any extra downloads. Additionally, its thoughtful layering activates an intricate look that makes this set interesting and truly unique.

43. Red Velvet Collection Sims 4 Masculine Sims CC Pack by Nucrests

sims 4 urban male cc

This velvet collection has seven tops and three bottoms that come in multiple swatches (ranging from solids to patterned).

You’re equipped with a relaxed blazer, cozy bomber, collared, regular, and layered shirts as well as multiple pants styles such as normal pants, sweatpants, and even sweatshorts.

The possibilities with this versatile set are dazzling as you can go from both casual days out or out to dressy occasions!

44. J.D. Set (Strangeville Edition) Sims 4 Male CC Set by Solistair

male cc sims 4

Enter the enchanting world of StrangerVille with this whimsical Sims 4 Male CC Clothing Set in an eye-catching Hibiscus palette.

With eight items in total, you’ll receive colorful short-sleeved shirts, snug denim shorts with rolled-up sleeves, and a unique pair of jeans that have been cohesively rolled up too. Comfort is elevated to a premium appeal with this essential clothing set!

45. Chaptastic Casual Jacket Sims 4 Masculined-Framed Sims CC Pack by Quiddity Jones

sims 4 male clothing

Bring art into your Sims’ world with this stunning unisex jacket. Stylish and smart, it’s perfect for lending a touch of casual sophistication to any wardrobe.

Its slim fit design is hip and fashionable, and there’s a color palette to suit every mood. This quality item ensures lasting comfort wherever your Sim may find themselves!

46. Aquarius High-Waisted Set Sims 4 CC Male Pack by Nucrests

sims 4 male cc maxis match

Bring your young gentleman Sim a seriously stylish wardrobe with the Aquarius set!

This high waisted set includes: five pairs of jeans (skinny jeans, loose jeans, straight jeans, rolled-up jeans and shorts styles); four button down shirts with two loose and two tucked options; plus two undershirt accessories that function as either v-neck or t-shirt.

Mix and match these various pieces to find the perfect look! Everything in this collection is base-game compatible.

47. Ex Boyfriend Men’s Trench Coat Sims 4 CC by Joliebean

male sim

Do your male Sims need a cozy look? Ex-Boyfriend classic coat is the perfect fashion piece for them! Boasting 13 different swatches and fashioned from fine craft details, it has a cozy yet chic aesthetic sure to give any guy stand-out style.

Also, this coat is fully compatible with the base game! It’s no wonder so many players deem it a must-have for their Sims collections.

48. Male Set Sims 4 Male Clothes CC Pack by Lazy_Eyelids

sims 4 male clothes

If you haven’t already, check out this awesome set of male Sims items!!! Endlessly changeable with an open robe in 22 swatches and classic pyjama pants in the most awesome range of colors. It’s cozy, chic, and sexy – all rolled into one.

49. KK Basic Set 04 Sims 4 Male CC Pack by KK’s creations

sims 4 designer cc

This perfect set combines function and style. An overshirt paired with a cozy t-shirt and classic pants — it doesn’t get any better.

Spice up your wardrobe routine and choose from a selection of beautiful pastel colors to create an infinite amount of stylish outfits, or play it safe with popular color combinations like black and white or in bold check patterns!

50. Solstar Underwear for Men Sims 4 CC Pack by Solistair

male sims

Make sure the style of your Sims is on point, no matter the occasion! With this male underwear set, you get all of the essentials; five classic designs including jock, thong, brief, short trunks, and longer trunks.

Stylized with simlish font details to bring a realistic look and crafted for full base game compatibility, you can’t go wrong with them!

So now that you have the perfect wardrobe accessories, what’s your favorite one? Personally, I think the edgy male thong variant takes it every time!

51. Essential Underwear Set Sims 4 Male CC Pack by Nucrests

sims 4 male clothes pack

Are you looking for even more quality male underwear options? There are seven other styles: boxer briefs, boxers, briefs, long johns, mid-boxer briefs, thongs, & trunks.

They are all available as a base-game compatible option with a lovely selection of colors and patterns. The color range is impressive, with 16 shades to choose from, as are the 14 patterns!

You’ll also delight to find some fun and quirky themes – just take a look at the funny one in the image!

52. Ballroom Tuxedo Sims 4 Male Clothing CC Pack by Bruxel

sims 4 mens cc

Outfit your Sims in something that exudes timeless style and class! This classic black tuxedo is perfect for formal events: attending weddings, anniversaries, or any special occasion.

Your Sims will be looking their very best in this tasteful outfit. It has a white tie and a sash.

53. Unify Collection Add-Ons Sims 4 Male Clothing CC Pack by Nucrests

sims 4 jacket around waist

Unify Collection has something for both feminine and masculine sims! It has 25 awesome add-ons, including tops, bottoms, full body cc, and 1 fabulous overlay accessory (I absolutely love this sims 4 jacket around waist!)

Best of all, all of these pieces are base game compatible, so everyone can join in the fun.

54. Christmas Sims 4 Male Clothing CC Pack by Clumsyalienn and Amelylina

sims 4 christmas male clothes cc

This Christmas clothing pack is truly gorgeous and isn’t limited to just festive Christmas time! It even contains pieces for kids and female Sims.

It might have gone unnoticed by most eyes, but I can tell you from personal experience that the male sims 4 turtleneck from this CC pack is one of the best additions to the game’s wardrobes.

I absolutely love using it in all of my creations – you never know when it might come in handy!

After looking through this Sims 4 male clothes CC selection, it’s easy to see that there are some great pieces. They can give your sims an amazing look while still being realistic.

Whether you want world-renowned fashion designer clothes in your game or someone who looks great on their first date, these clothes packs offer invaluable options.

And don’t forget, if you find something you love, share it with others!

Leave me a comment on your favorite clothes pack for Sims 4 below; I’d love to hear from you 😍 Thanks for reading about these top choices for Sims male clothes CC, and happy Simming!

This post was all about the best Sims 4 male clothes CC.

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