44+ Yummy Sims 4 Custom Food Recipes Your Sims Will Love

Are you tired of the base-game recipes in your Sims 4 stories?

In this post, I have collected some delicious Sims 4 custom food recipes to make your Sims’ mouths water. From classic comfort foods like pizza to exotic dishes like bibimbap, these recipes will bring a unique flavor to your Sim’s kitchen. Whether your Sim is a beginner or an experienced cook, these recipes will surely please even the pickiest of eaters.

sims 4 custom food

There are some truly amazing custom food recipes out there that you can add to your CC folder. While there aren’t many creators for custom food, the ones that do exist have an amazing eye for detail and are incredibly talented.

You’ll hear names like Icemunmun, Amellce, Brazen Lotis, SrslySims, Somik and Severinka, Robin, ONI, Leniad, and of course, Littlbowbub multiple times in this post because their CC is just that good!

Delicious Sims 4 Custom Food Recipes You Have to Add to Your CC Folder

This list isn’t made in any particular order. All of these CCs are equally outstanding and are loved by the Sims community. So get ready to take your Sims 4 game to the next level with these amazing custom food recipes!

Make sure to check out the best sims 4 cooking mods I have collected for you (you will find the in a separate article):

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And make sure you read all the installation instructions on the creators’ pages before downloading your favorite recipes!

1. Shakshouka Sims 4 Food CC by Icemunmun

sims 4 realistic food mod

Shakshouka, a custom food recipe designed by icemunmun, is simply amazing! The ultimate healthy food solution for the whole family.

It makes a great breakfast or brunch choice because who doesn’t love warm meals in the morning? But before you try your hand at cooking up this delicious creation, take note that it does require level 5 cooking skills.

When making Shakshouka, you’ll need some eggs, tomatoes, olives, and spices to give it its traditional Mediterranean flair! So why not challenge yourself and give it a go? Also, it is base-game and Dine Out compatible.

2. Açai Bowl Sims 4 Custom Food Recipe by Littlbowbub

sims 4 custom recipes

It’s time to get trendy in the kitchen with Littlbowbub’s easy and healthy Sims 4 custom food recipe Açai Bowl.

Not only is it an incredibly delicious breakfast dish, but it requires minimal cooking skills of level 1 – so you don’t need experience or expertise to make this simple fruit dish come to life!

However, before you begin, take a look to ensure you have the latest version of the Grannies Cookbook. This crucial element is necessary for preparing this great trendy meal. Perfect for Instagrammers and influencers who are always searching for trendy foods.

3. BBQ Smoked Brisket Sims 4 Custom Food by Littlbowbub

sims 4 edible food cc

Do you want to recreate your favorite BBQ restaurant in The Sims 4?

Littlbowbub’s BBQ Smoked Brisket is the perfect dish for the true meat lover! No advanced cooking skills are required – just level one – and this delicious meal can be served to a party of up to 8 Sims.

Savory sauces and crunchy bread linger on the side for maximum flavor enjoyment… What a delicious addition to any picnic. Enjoy your carnivore sims’ experience!

4. Tamale Sims 4 Custom Food Recipe by Icemunmun

sims 4 custom food Mexican food

For those who love to cook up a real cultural experience for your Sims, look no further than the Icemunmun’s Tamale from the Sims 4!

This gourmet treat is based on a classic Mexican homestyle recipe, featuring a delightful blend of corn and spicy flavors. It’s perfect for just one Sim or serving a whole Sim party of 8 – make sure to impress all your friends with your host skills!

Not only does this dish liven up breakfast, lunch, and dinner, but it also is base-game compatible! It may be just a virtual dish, but with this Tamale recipe, your Sims will taste real authenticity and flavor.

5. Ghost Cupcakes Sims 4 Custom Food Recipe by Littlbowbub

sims 4 realistic food mod

If you are looking for a cute and adorable custom food recipe to serve your Sim or save it as a Halloween treat, the Ghost Cupcakes Sims 4 Custom Food Recipe by Littlbowbub may be just for you!

This festive dish is perfect if you’re hosting a party or just need something tasty for every day.

Despite only needing four-level of cooking skills, this recipe won’t leave you disappointed. If you’re putting in the effort, you should get something that’s both creative and delicious!

6. Mulled Wine Sims 4 Custom Drink by Somik and Severinka

sims 4 custom edible food

Looking for a delicious cozy drink? Somik and Severinka’s Mulled Wine custom drink is sure to do the trick!

This warm alcoholic beverage can serve 12 Sims, and it’s an amazing way to keep warm during winter or when other forms of thermo-clobber don’t quite do the job. It’s Basemental mod compatible and has an alcoholic effect (make sure to keep children away from it!). But there are additional special effects: it improves your Sims’ mood, reduces negative buffs, and helps ward off a cold.

The must-have beverage for your Sim Christmas Eve! One of the versions of this Sims 4 custom drink can be added directly into your base-game game, no mod required!

7. Turkey Sub Sandwich Sims 4 Custom Food CC by Icemunmun

sims 4 food mod

Turkey Sub Sandwich by Icemunmun is sure to tantalize your tastebuds with its deliciousness! Whether you’re in the mood for brunch or just a filling snack, this savory sandwich satisfies.

The best part? It only requires some basic knowledge in the kitchen (cooking skills level 2) and resembles a lot of a well-known fast food chain’s products. Plus, it’s compatible with base-game life and works great as Cottage Living food, as you can eat it on the go.

The original cc package needs power for cooking this tasty treat. Good news – Icemunmun has added a new version that requires no power to cook the dish.

8. Wagyu Steak Sims 4 Custom Food Recipe by ONI

sims 4 custom food steak Wagyu

If you’re a fan of flavorful food, look no further than ONI’s Wagyu Steak Sims 4 custom food recipe!

Whenever this incredible dish is presented, your gourmet Sims will need their maximum cooking skill level (level 10) to deliver a truly spectacular meal.

It definitely puts every other steak to shame and can turn an ordinary mealtime into a get-together that is sure to leave your friends and family talking for days. Cook it up, and you’ll understand why it’s considered the king of all steaks.

9. Bibimbap Sims 4 Korean Food Recipe by ONI

sims 4 dishes

Are you looking to add a bit of cultural flavor to your Sims 4 gaming experience? The Korean food recipe for Bibimbap by ONI is an amazing option!

This delicious, nutritious dish requires as little as level 1 cooking skills and no extra hiccups from any preferences or restrictions – it’s vegetarian-safe and lactose-free.

You have a great opportunity here to practice your home cooking abilities in the most healthy way possible and spice up your virtual dinner table!

10. Beer Plate Appetizer and Pretzels by Somik and Severinka

sims 4 cookbook mod

The mouthwatering German appetizers, Beer Plate Appetizer, and Pretzels by Somik and Severinka are an amazing addition to everyone’s Oktoberfest celebrations!

The dish requires 2-level cooking skills (baking skills level 2 for the pretzels), so you know that each dish will be made with utmost attention and care. Plus, these recipes serve a party of Sims, meaning your guests won’t be leaving hungry or disappointed anytime soon!

11. Toddler Food Sims 4 Custom Food Recipes by Littlbowbub

sims 4 favorite food

Attention all parents of picky eaters! Introducing for toddler Food Sims 4 by Littlbowbub.

These custom recipes are my absolute favorite meals for toddlers, and I know your little one will love them too! From jam and marmalade toast to ham dinner, each recipe proves that tummies can be filled with delicious goodness in no time.

Craving something sweet or savory? You’re in luck – there’s a yummy option for every taste! Not just that – these adorable little dishes are created with just one serving. No more food waste guilt here! Try out these cute recipes and end dinnertime drama for good!

12. Bun Bo Hue Sims 4 Custom Food Recipe by Littlbowbub

sims 4 food cc

If you’re in the mood for a Sims 4 Asian food cc treat, check out the extraordinary Bun Bo Hue Sims 4 Custom Food Recipe by Littlbowbub!

It looks almost too good to be true – its amazing attention to detail accurately captures this Vietnamese soup dish. It’s no secret — just take one quick glimpse of this delectable creation, and its realism will leave you wondering if it was captured in a photograph!

But don’t get fooled by its dazzling appearance alone; mastering all that goes into summiting this dish requires serious cooking skills level 4! Spicy food aficionados rejoice – this one’s definitely worth checking out!

13. Milky Way Yokan Sims 4 Custom Food Recipe by Amellce

sims 4 food cc

Milky Way Yokan, another delicious dish from the Asian kitchen (Japanese this time), is available thanks to Amellce’s incredible Sims 4 food cc recipe!

Eating a Milky Way yokan is an opportunity to gain a unique taste experience! You can make it for up to 12 servings – especially great for gatherings of friends and family.

Don’t forget that this treat can become nearly invisible in certain lighting, so you’ll need to eat it up quickly before it blends into the background!

14. Magnolia Fried Chicken Sims 4 Fast Food CC by Icemunmun

sims 4 custom food fast food

Magnolia Fried Chicken Sims 4 fast food CC by Icemunmun is just the perfect addition to your CC folder.

It’s a homestyle recipe, faithfully replicating the flavors of fried chicken fans love so much. Plus, this mouthwatering dish works perfectly with Cottage Living EP – and it even has an optional harvestable chicken meat requirement!

What makes it truly amazing is that even though you need Level 6 cooking skills to whip it up as a main item, you can still pick it up from the refrigerator for a high-speed snack – in this case, no special skills are required at all.

Compatible with Dine Out and the base game, this frying pan frenzy treat gives Simmies comfort food they can savor any time.

15. Healthy Porridges for Toddlers Sims 4 Custom Food Recipes by Somik and Severinka

sims 4 healthy food

From Somik and Severinka comes the cutest thing ever: healthy porridges for toddlers! With four options to choose from, the lactose-free healthy treat is truly irresistible.

Not only does it keep your toddler in tip-top shape, but it is also base game compatible and can be cooked quickly and easily in a microwave. And if that wasn’t enough, this wholesome delight looks delicious and is sure to excite their taste buds.

16. Meat Dumplings Sims 4 Custom Food CC by Somik and Severinka

sims 4 healthy food

Are you looking for a great recipe to start your culinary journey? Well, look no further than Meat Dumplings by Somik and Severinka!

Install it in the base game without any special mods needed. Plus, this is a deliciously simple dish – no cooking skills are required.

17. Sims 4 Strawberry and Cream Cheesecake by Icemunmun

sims 4 custom food cheesecake

Icemunmun’s Strawberry and Cream Cheesecake for the Sims 4 will make your mouth water – just delicious!

Although making it requires level 5 cooking skills, you’ve got no worries about pulling off a perfectly delicious dessert. This versatile recipe works equally as well as an adorable birthday cake or impressive wedding cake.

Plus – it’s toddler and pets compatible, so it will complete any family event without complicating things further! Don’t worry about the ingredients either – it saves you time because if you have too many strawberries, you know exactly what to do with them.

18. Gummy Worm Freakshake Sims 4 Custom Drink by Littlbowbub

sims 4 custom drinks

Are you searching for the perfect cold drink to quench your thirst? Littlbowbub has one for you!

Served cold, this sugary treat is bound to give you a sugar rush. However, it is best enjoyed on hot summer days. Not only will it cool you down during these warmer times, but its unique gummy worm presentation makes it an incredibly cute beverage! Drink with care and enjoy!

19. Chocolate Chip Pancakes Sims 4 Custom Food Recipe by Littlbowbub

sims 4 dishes

If you’re looking to keep your kids smiling for the entire day, then these Chocolate Chip Pancakes might be just the urge!

A Sunday breakfast may appear like a daunting task, especially when cooking for your little ones, but fret not. This sumptuous yet simple treat is all that and more! Not only easy to prepare but the sweetness from these chocolate chips will also make even picky eaters finish their eager plate in a jiffy.

20. Colorful Couscous Sims 4 Custom Food Recepe by SrslySims

sims 4 favorite food

Colorful couscous Sims 4 food CC by SrslySims is a standout favorite and the perfect addition to your custom cooking creations!

This simple and healthy dish requires just level 1 cooking which everyone can handle. Add it to any meat or fish meal, or have it on its own for a classic experiment with flavors. Middle Eastern and North African dishes don’t come much better than this popular couscous dish that delivers something special to your palate.

21. Key Lime PieSims 4 Custom Food Dessert by Leniad

sims 4 custom edible food

Are you looking for an old holiday classic? One that everyone will love and enjoy? Try Key Lime Pie by Leniad.

This recipe is quite old, but I wanted to provide you a link to Leniad’s blog, so you could check out all the amazing recipes there.

This classic dessert will take your Sim’s cooking skills to the next level, as it requires level 6 cooking skills. Your guests and family alike will be mesmerized by this heavenly pie’s fragrant and zesty aroma with a crusty yet light texture.

Gather your loved ones around the cozy holiday dinner table to delight each other in the sweet flavors of Key Lime Pie Sims 4 custom food cc.

22. Summer Berry Cookies Sims 4 Custom Food Recipe by Robin

realistic food mod sims 4

If you want to make the perfect Valentine’s Day treat for your loved one, look no further than Robin’s Summer Berry Cookies.

Not simply indulgent, this vegetarian-friendly cookie concoction ticks all the boxes to tantalize the taste buds and fill hearts with love. Conquer those cravings and savor sweet kisses with just one bite!

Check out the link to see this amazing recipe and the other three, belonging to the same collection of romantic recipes!

23. Omurice Sims 4 Custom Food Recipe by ONI

sims 4 homestyle cooking cheat

Find yourself in need of something new to try in the kitchen? ONI’s Omurice Sims 4 Custom Food Recipe is just the recipe for you!

This Japanese dish is a delicate and healthy combination of eggs, rice, vegetables, and tomato sauce that uses level-8 cooking skills.

It may look simple to make, but don’t make the mistake of underestimating all that goes into creating this exclusive dish – prepare for your tastebuds to be astonished! Let food bring life to family gatherings with this unique Sims 4 Asian food cc today.

24. Tropical Seaweed Dumplings Sims 4 Custom Food Recipe by SrslySims

sims 4 food cc

Have you ever heard about Tropical Seaweed Dumplings? Mermaids absolutely love them!

This mouthwatering dish takes level 2 cooking skills to master, but it’s well worth the effort. If you’re new to cooking, Tropical Seaweed Dumplings is a great recipe to test out your cooking abilities – you can improve your delicious virtual meats and dishes while adding some extra variety to your meals!

This mermaid food cc requires Island Living Expansion Pack, so make sure you own one!

25. Plasmatica Beer Sims 4 Custom Food Recipe by SrslySims

sims 4 custom recipes

Introducing SrslySims’ Plasmatica Beer custom recipe! Part of the amazing Srsly’s Complete Cooking Overhaul (SCCO), this recipe debuted in version 2.8.1 and provided a great alternative for Vampire food custom content needs.

Let your Sims impress their friends and family with this tantalizing drink! Grab Plasmatica beer from the fridge or from the bar (if you own Get Together EP). By the way, the recipe works with Basemental Drugs mod.

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Check out the latest version of this incredible SCCO package via the link below and find out what all the fuss is about!

26. Buffalo Chicken and Three Cheese Pizza by Littlbowbub

sims 4 cooking mods

Are you ready to play fancy Italian chef? The Sims 4 custom food recipe for Buffalo Chicken and Three Cheese Pizza by Littlbowbub is the perfect dish for you!

This delicious meal requires level 3 cooking skills and a good appetite, as the servings are big. Best of all, it’s simple to make and super tasty! One is my top choice for meat-lovers and another one – for vegetarians.

Satisfy your Sims’ cravings for Italian cuisine with these amazing pizza creations.

27. Afternoon Tea Sims 4 Custom Food CC by Littlbowbub

sims 4 custom recipes

Afternoon Tea custom food CC by Littlbowbub is a true work of art! It’s so impressive and cute that you might think only professionals made it.

It requires level 1 cooking skills to make, which means anyone can create something truly special. Plus, you can serve up an incredible afternoon tea party with this dessert cc. Who said tea time had to be boring? Not you anymore!

28. Raclette Sims 4 Custom Food Recipe by Littlbowbub

food mods sims 4

Raclette is another incredibly realistic food cc by Littlbowbub! Not only is this dish created with so many intricate details in mind, but its preparation also requires only level 2 cooking skills, which any budding home chef is sure to possess.

The reward, however, is well worth it; a simple yet satisfying meal that carries just the right touch of chic into your home kitchen.

29. Surf N Turf Sims 4 Custom Food Recipe by Icemunmun

sims 4 cooking

Introducing Surf N Turf: a one-of-a-kind gourmet dish from Icemunmun!

Enjoy the best of both seafood and meat with this Sims 4 food cc from the Sims 4. You will need level 6 of cooking skills, so be prepared. This delicious plate is pet and toddler-compatible, making it suitable for gamers seeking a fun experience for the whole family.

My favorite occasion is when you can’t decide between going all in with succulent seafood or savoring some fresh choice cuts of meat. If that sounds appealing to you, just try Surf N Turf!

30. Olive and Herb Stuffed Pork Sims 4 Custom Food Recipe by Brazen Lotus

sims 4 cc food

Olive and Herb Stuffed Pork by Brazen Lotus is a dish like no other! Present it elegantly on a cutting board adorned with greens, and nobody can resist.

This meal exudes sophistication yet still gives off strong, comforting vibes. This heavenly dish requires level 8 cooking skills and offers plenty for your parties or hangouts.

With this recipe as a guide, you’ll finally recognize the beauty of herbs and greens.

31. Sausage Rolls Sims 4 Custom Food Recipe by Littlbowbub

sims 4 favorite food

Sausage Rolls by Littlbowbub has become a much-loved treat! Not only is it incredibly easy to make – requiring only level 2 cooking skills – its heavenly taste will bring lots of joy and happiness.

Perfect for a kid’s party, this delicious delight always brings out the smiles in everyone who tries a bite!

32. Espumilla Meringue Cream Pudding by Littlbowbub

sims foods

Have you ever tasted a dessert from the Grannies’ cookbook? If not, Littlbowbub’s Espumilla Meringue Cream Pudding should definitely be on your list.

It is absolutely delightful and can cater to anyone with a sweet tooth! Soft clouds of meringue envelop the delicate cream beneath it to make each bite so delightful. Go ahead and spoil your Sims with some Espumilla Meringue Cream Pudding — you know they deserve it.

33. Eggnog Sims 4 Custom Drink by Littlbowbub

sims 4 custom drinks

Eggnog is a classic holiday beverage loved by many. For those looking to try something unique this season, we recommend Littlbowbub’s Sims 4 custom drink!

Drawing on traditional inspirations such as eggs, milk, cream, and spices, this eggnog can be enjoyed both warm and cold. So get cozy and sip around the Christmas tree or share with friends while you gather for gift exchanges – no matter how Christmas festivities are happening, don’t forget to raise a mug of eggnog!

34. Crispbreads with Egg, Vegetables, and Cottage Cheese by Somik & Severinka

sims 4 healthy food

Crispbreads with Egg, Vegetables, and Cottage Cheese recipe is thoughtfully designed especially for your vegetarian Sims with a higher gourmet cooking level 2.

Every portion served is packed with nutrition yet deliciously light, keeping your Sim’s slim figure intact and a healthy lifestyle enjoyable. Each crispbread has only 50 kcal – so you won’t have to feel guilty about treating your virtual roommates well!

Somik and Severinka thoughtfully offer two versions of their package; one is for the base game players, with no mods necessary!

35. Fluffernutter Sandwiches Sims 4 Custom Food Recipe by Icemunmun

sims 4 delicious kitchen

Icemunmun’s FlufferNutter Sandwich is top-notch for breakfast! Have you grown up eating these fluffy and sweet peanut butter marshmallow sandwiches?

Crafting this traditional favorite requires just level 1 cooking skill, so why not have a go at creating them today? Not only are they tasty and easy to make, but they often evoke warm memories of childhood. Yum!

36. Dessert Turron Sims 4 Custom Food Recipe by Somik & Severinka

sims 4 food mods

Ready to try something new and exciting for your Sims this festive season? Dessert Turron, a traditional Christmas dessert dish popular in Italy, Spain, and the Czech Republic, is just the thing.

Crafted with love, it does require cooking skill level 3 to prepare perfectly. This particular recipe even comes with a version that requires just the base game. So have you tried Turron before? Give it a go now to get into the holiday spirit!

37. Plasma Fruit Marmalade Toast Sims 4 Custom Food CC by SrslySims

sims 4 edible food cc

If you’re looking for a delicious Sims 4 vampire custom food option, check out Plasma Fruit Marmalade Toast! Easy to make and requires only level 2 of cooking skill.

Created by SrslySims, this toast first debuted in the 2.7.2 versions of SCCO – but if you hop over to the link below, you can get your hands on the latest version.

38. Raindrop Cake Sims 4 Custom Food Recipe by Amellce

food mod sims 4

Raindrop Cake by Amellce is an amazing dessert you won’t want to miss!

With its delicate look resembling a raindrop lying on a leaf, its attractive presentation rivals that of any other sweet. However, if you already drooling and can’t wait to try it soon, be advised: make sure you consume it within 30 min, or else you’ll be stuck with a mess before your eyes!

You will need level 3 cooking skills to make this dessert. Additionally, there are three versions available for an even more forgiving experience bringing even more joy to your palate! So why not tantalize yourself today?

39. Tiramisu Sims 4 Custom Food Recipe by Brazen Lotus

icemunmun custom food

Get ready to make something truly delicious and worthy of a master chef with Brazen Lotus’ Tiramisu! This classic Italian dessert is sure to impress with an indulgent treat that your family and friends will love.

That said, make sure you have your cooking skills up to par before you tackle this one – it requires level 4 cooking skills. It’ll be worth it, though – when done right, Tiramisu can tantalize the taste buds with its pillowy softness and irresistible sweetness.

40. Cauliflower Chickpea Tacos Sims 4 Custom Food Recipe by Littlbowbub

sims 4 cooking

If you’re trying to stick to your lifestyle goals or just looking for something delicious and suitable for vegetarians, Cauliflower Chickpea Tacos is the answer!

You don’t need any special ingredients or complicated ingredients, either. Just some base pantry must-haves and some level 2 cooking skills, and you’ll have the perfect meatless tacos on your table in no time. Plus, they taste great!

So don’t hesitate to cut out those pesky animal products; try these tacos today and discover your new favorite vegetarian meal.

41. Tabbouleh Sims 4 Custom Food Recipe by Robin

sims 4 recipes

Are you a fan of vegetarian dishes that are bursting with flavor? Then Robin’s Tabbouleh has exactly what you need!

This amazing healthy mezze dish incorporates classic ingredients like tomato, lemon, and the aromatic taste of parsley and peppermint. Whether it’s a meal on its own or just a side dish, you’ll fall in love with this lovely fresh salad each time.

Not only is it a truly appetizing option, but it is also entirely vegetarian and lactose-free! Enjoying delicious food was never easier.

42. Xiaolongbao Sims 4 Custom Food Recipe by ONI

sims 4 custom edible food

Are you looking to bring a delicious Asian food cc flavor to The Sims 4? I recommend Xiaolongbao from ONI!

You can give your sims the full experience with meat, vegetables, and spices, all cooked according to regular Chinese recipes. It’ll take some serious talent in the kitchen to prepare this mouth-watering dish – level 6 cooking skills should do!

43. Sushi Tray Sims 4 Custom Food CC by Littlbowbub

sims 4 asian cc

The Grannies Cookbook once again comes through with another delicious recipe! Step up your cooking game with Littlbowbub’s Sushi Tray and satisfy your cravings for some Sims 4 Asian food CC.

This is perfect for a chef with a level 4 cooking skill who really wants to impress. Combining the knowledge of classic Japanese culture with some modern culinary techniques, they can create truly sensational sushi rolls!

44. Wonton Soup Sims 4 Custom Food Recipe by Littlbowbub

sims 4 cookbook mod

If you want to add more Chinese recipes to your Sims 4 game, Wonton soup is an awesome way to go! Is it just me, or are you equally obsessed with all possible Sims 4 Asian food CC?

The soup combines delicious pork and shrimp dumplings in a sensational soup broth, so even if you’ve never tried it before, this one’s a must-try!

45. Kamon Dorayaki Sims 4 Custom Food CC by Amellce

sims 4 food list

If you’re feeling inspired to recreate a traditional Japanese street food favorite at home after watching too many films, then Kamon Dorayaki is your answer.

This pastry is made of two fluffy pancakes filled with sweet red bean paste. With ten alluring flavors to choose from, every palate is catered for!

The challenging part? You’ll need level 3 cooking skills before recreating this delectable treat in your Sims home. If you’re a fan of Japanese films or Asian cuisine in general, you’ve got to try it! Trust us – it’s the recipe you won’t want to miss out on!

So many incredible recipes and talented creators make the most realistic dishes you could imagine for Sims 4. Now that you’ve read about some of the best custom food content creators around, head over to their accounts and see which of their amazing recipes you can enjoy!

Don’t forget to leave a comment below, letting me know which recipe was your favorite. Have I missed your absolute favorite custom food recipe in the game? Let me know, and I will be happy to include it on the list!

Thanks for taking the time to read this blog post and learn more about custom dishes for Sims 4. Until next time!

This post was all about the best Sims 4 Custom Food Recipes.

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